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Hi Gloria & Danny,

We'd just like to thank you both at Danglo Puppies
for our Pugalier pup who we purchased from at 10 weeks of age. The vets back in Melbourne were extremely impressed with our pup's great health and breeding when we took him in for his 2nd vaccination and check up, and we couldn't agree more!. You really look after your pups and breeding pairs so well, it was evident from the moment we walked in to the kennel and run area right to the written guidelines you provided us to take home, even the fact we could call if we needed to know anything, we knew we'd made the right choice in breeder!. Murphy is a delight to have and a bit of a smartie to boot, so much so that at 14 weeks of age he has sit mastered, and is ( so close ) to having toilet training down pat already. We are constantly complemented by complete strangers on what a confident, extremely sociable and adorable little puppy he is, We love him so much!.Thank you again! .Steph and Josh Melbourne VIC.

" Leeroy "

Dear Gloria and Danny,

I can't thank you enough for my new puppy Leeroy ( French Bulldog x Pug ). From picking him up at the airport after his long flight from Victoria to Perth we couldn't have asked for a better puppy. He is the happiest little dog and has fitted in really well with our family and our other dog. He is so healthy , i am so happy with him i would recommend Danglo puppies to any one looking for a new family pet .

Thank's from Annabelle & Leeroy .



Hi Gloria,


Sorry it has taken us SO long to submit our testimonial. But here is an update on our little boy Winston (French Bulldog x Pug) purchased February 2013.


He is now 10 months old and doing very well! He’s had no health problems, and is very friendly with other dogs, loves to play in the park and run around chasing his ball. We live in an apartment and he has taken very well to our environment, although been a little slow on the toilet training, we’re getting there!


Attached are some pictures from when we first picked him up to now. He’s pretty much fully grown and a very handsome boy! We love him so much.


Thanks again and hope you are well!







Hi Gloria,

Just thought I would send you some photos of Molly.  I have had her 4 weeks and she has settled in just fine.  She is a tiny bundle of joy who just wants cuddles and to be close to you.  Took a while to settle the crying at night but now she goes to bed just fine and loves a run out the back.  Not long until she's at all her needles and can play at the park which she is longing too she is always staring at the kids and other dogs over there.

Thank you she is just wonderful.

Here are some pictures :)




Dear Gloria,
We wish to say thank you so much for our gorgeous new family member
Remus. He has settled in so well, and is healthy and happy. He has
quickly got us all under his spell and we can't imagine our life
without him.  Thank you again.




Hi Gloria these are the pics of our gorgeous Chino from when we got him and now. He is now aged approx 14 months. As you can see and probably understand why we are so excited about getting another one after seeing how Wonderful he has turned out in looks and nature we truly adore him, an absolute top dog, Thankyou.. Liz and Ari skaliaris x



"Scamp" Cavoodle

Hi there
I bought the tricoloured Cav just before Easter for my Mum. She wore him – and herself out today ‘playing ball’ and he ate the most tea ever!!
He was called Prince, but we decided he wasn't regal enough so he is now called Scamp..  Although Mum is still grieving for her last dog, she has a new lease on life and they are in love!!
Thank you for solving my problem – and giving me a special reason to visit Mum more regularly!




"Miss Personality"

Hi Gloria and Danny

Just letting you know that the puppy has arrived safely

and is settling in beautifully.

She's definitely miss personality.

Thank you for everything

The Crivens.

Dear Danny and Gloria,
Thank you for arranging to send our little 'gift' up to Brisbane. I believe that my daughter, Caitlin sent a message yesterday with a photo once we had picked the pup up from the airport. Thought it worth passing on that we are overjoyed with her. Caitlin sent a text to her Mum when we picked her up. Text said, " Love at first sight".
Thanks again. Kind regards
Peter Scriven




It's Emily Lizzul here!
Just wanted to let you know that our little puppy has settled in very well.
We decided to call him Paddy :)
Thank you so much for all your help, we really do appreciate it!!



"Double Trouble"




This is our little Pugalier "Pugsley" that we purchased

from Gloria and Danny at Danglo puppies.

He has fitted into our family perfectly , what a pup.

He is healthy and well bred , we are so happy with him and recommend Danglo puppies to any one looking for a fantastic companion pet.

Thank's Danglo puppies , Janette.



Hi Gloria and Danny.

We wanted to thank you both for this spunky little pug puppy that we have called Hank. Such a bold and confident puppy , and very friendly as well. We are complimented all the time on what a delight this little handful is. Thank you for arranging his delivery , it was a smooth transaction and Hank wasn't the least bit stressed by his big journey. The vet was very impressed with how happy and healthy he is , and we're starting puppy preschool this week. Once again , we thank you for our very good looking little man.

With kindest regards

Jo and Lino.



"Ruby Rose Goumas"

Here is our little Pugalier we named Ruby Rose Goumas . She has just turned 4 months old and is doing fantastic.

She is getting on really well with our other dog Tashi.

In fact he needs protecting from Ruby's puppy ways as she now towers over him lol.

Thank's for helping us adopt her , she is such a cutie.

Kindest regards Samanther.




Hi Gloria and Danny .

This is our little French bulldog x Pug puppy we named Suki.

She is a lovely little cutie and we are so happy with her.

We have been going to puppy school and she is doing really well.

We are having trouble with her biting though. Yelping or saying "NO" doesn't really help at all.

Thank's from Carmen.



"Remy & Louis"

Hi Gloria

My husband Brett and I have been thrilled with our Frenchie x Pugs, who we have named Remy & Louis.They have been so well mannered and have just graduated from puppy pre school at 13 weeks old having mastered sit , stay , drop , on your mat , come and leave it. They have been settled from the moment we got them and their vet checks have been great , no issues. They're loving their new home and we couldn't imagine life without them !.

Thank's from

Rebecca & brett




Hi Gloria,

We wanted to tell you how much we LOVE our little Cav girl Tess. She has certainly taken over our house and gets along very well with our Border Collie Roxy, they love chasing each other around and wrestling - very cute!. She is growing so fast! We had her to the Vet on Saturday morning for her 2nd vaccination and the prognosis was that she is a very happy and healthy little girl. Thank you so much for her and for arranging delivery , all went very smoothly and we would highly recommend Danglo to anyone looking for a new family member!.

Cheers Sindy


"Mr. Von Krumm"

Hi Gloria,

He is such a beautiful dog , my sister is so happy with him. He is very cheeky though , if left unattended he is known to steel socks and unravel toilet paper rolls.

Thank's Michelle


"The Hervey Bay Kid"

Hello Gloria & Danny,

Picked up our puppy from airport on Friday afternoon after her big flight
from Melbourne to Hervey Bay. She coped wonderfully with the flight &
you were right she is a little dynamite,we just absolutely love her & have named her Gracie.
Thank You so much for all the service you have given me, there is no way
we could have found a pugalier anywhere near Hervey Bay & even though
she has come all the way from Danglo Puppy Adoption she coped with the
transfer really well.
Regards Geoff & Marie
Hervey Bay Qld


"Thank you for our little Angel"

Hello Gloria & Danny,


We bought an eight week old black Pug
from Gloria at Danglo puppies. Gloria is an absolutely delightful lady.
As for the puppy , so cute , so healthy and superb breeding.
" Blue ribbon " winner in the future.
Just so happy and could not recommend buying a puppy off

Danglo puppies enough.

Thank you for our little angel.




Daniel and I bought a french bulldog puppy a year ago from you and thought you might want to see some photos.

Max is well and super adorable. He just turned one last week.
Thank you for Max, he is very clever, cheeky and loves cuddles. I think he looks a lot like his dad.
Melissa and Daniel




She is absolutely wonderful and has a beautiful temperament. She is so good around children and is just the joy of the neighbourhood at the moment! I want to thank you for taking such good care in your breeding and raising of all your little puppies!



We've had Hugo for almost a week now and we are In love!!!! He's been almost fully toilet trained, been for his first swim and is not afraid of anything. He is so obedient and learns so quickly.
We live in the eastern suburbs in Sydney (near bondi) and the locals are in love with him. We can hardly walk him because we keep getting stopped for cuddles.
We wanted to thankyou for breeding such a beautiful dog. We read some bad reviews on line and from how happy and playful Hugo is we definitely do not agree with anything we read. He was clean and well fed and just so happy.
The courier was so lovely also and wouldn't give him to us until he was sure we knew how to look after him.
We will definitely recommend you to our friends and community when they are looking for there new companion.
Thankyou so much!!!

Paul & Angel


We are so very happy with Charlie, he is a lovely little boy.  Also, thank you very much for all of your help with purchasing Charlie.  The service you provide is excellent. 

Thanks again


WOW, I have a beautiful puppy!! He is just wonderful. My husband said that you breed the best French Bulldog puppies that he has ever seen and that he wants to get another one later on. He is such a happy little fellow and is running around the house with my granddaughter as I write this. We are so impressed with him. We looked at some in WA but they didn't look very healthy. I am just so glad that we brought a puppy from you and not here in WA.

We absolutely love him. Thank you so much!

Kerry - WA



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